I’m curious, obviously you was in miobi which is a totally different show to Absentia but did you learn anything about acting whilst you were in miobi and if so, did it help you film Absentia? ~ Emma
I learn so much from every job that I do. That’s the nature of acting. It’s an exploration, and each role and project is a playground for growth and discovery. Sasha, at his root, had a lonely sense of betrayal – that he was ostracized from the gymnastics community that he loved. Jack in Absentia has at his core very similar feelings.

Did you know or had heard of Stana Katic before Absentia? ~ Cindy
I knew of Stana’s work and have always been impressed by it. And of course, we both played pivotal roles in the Bond franchise in Quantum Of Solace.

Are there any difference in the relationship between your character and Stana’s character from their childhood to where she makes her comeback from ‘death?’ ~ Colleen
Of course, there are huge changes. Siblings grow and the relationship evolves.

If you could describe Absentia in three words, which ones would you use? ~ Fania
What. Is. Real.

You seemed to really enjoy Bulgaria while shooting Absentia. Was that your first time there? What about it did you enjoy the most? Also, are you now addicted to Escape Rooms? :):) ~ Quasar
I love Bulgaria. Such a fun and exciting city. I enjoyed meeting the people, learning the culture and, yes, cultivating my new addiction to escape rooms.

Hi! I was wondering- other than your character of course- who was your favorite Absentia character, and why? (If you can tell us, that is!) ~ laura
Emily is such a complex character. I cannot wait to see her journey unfold on screen. And Stana did an explorary job bring all of that powerful complexity to life.

What can you tell us about working with Stana Katic? ~ helloitsme

Stana is a very smart, courageous and talented actress. She commited herself to every second of this character. It’s was very impressive and inspirational to watch her work.

Who would you say is the goofiest on the Absentia set? ~ nikki

I think we all have our moments. On a show that is so fraught with darkness and heavy drama I think it’s important for all our sanity to laugh a lot.

What can you tell us about Jack’s relationship with his sister? Super excited to watch it and also curious to know if there will be more seasons. 😃 ~ Cami

Jack has a very interesting and fraught relationship with his sister, Emily. She was adopted into the family when they were both young, but Emily soon drew the attention of their father away from Jack. He became jealous of her and that jealousy lead to bitterness.