Emily Byrne
Emily Byrne is an FBI agent who disappears without a trace while hunting one of Boston’s most notorious serial killers and is declared dead. She is found six years later, barely alive and with no memory of what has happened to her. Emily returns home to learn her husband has remarried and her son is being raised by another woman, and soon finds herself implicated in a new series of murders.

Nick Durand
FBI agent Nick Durand was husband to Emily. After suffering the loss of Emily, Nick has now remarried Alice. The reappearance of Emily makes Nick’s life wobble. He feels trapped between his old life and his new life. The important question for Nick is “What is best for your child?”

Alice Durand
Alice is Nick’s new wife and the only mother Flynn knows. With the sudden return of Emily, Alice’s idyllic family life is turned to chaos, even though she tries to handle the situation with elegance and kindness.

Flynn is the nine-year-old son of Emily Byrne and Nick Durand. He was only three years old when his mother disappeared. Flynn has no memories of Emily and Alice, his stepmother, is the only mother he knows.

Jack Byrne
When his adopted sister, Emily, disappears, Jack loses control of his life. He turns to alcohol and is then thrown out of work. Jack is forbidden to practice medicine because his serious drinking problem.

Tommy Gibbs
Tommy Gibbs is an ambitious and relentless detective with the Boston Police Department. He’s in charge of Emily’s investigation after she disappears. Will he also be the key to unlock the puzzle she is facing?

Adam Radford
Special Agent Adam Radford was Emily’s partner when she disappeared. Although he really cares about his partner, Radford is a career-focused person who does not like personal dealings too much.

Daniel Vega
Dr. Vega is the FBI psychologist and analyst. He works with Emily to heal her psychological wounds and help her find her abductor. Dr Vega is a great ally, providing security to Emily in a world that’s confusing and different.

Conrad Harlow
Conrad Harlow is the lonely child of a wealthy banking family. He is a sinister person, calm and very intelligent. Harlow is the first suspect in a series of grisly murders that Emily and Radford were investigating.