FBI Agent Emily Byrne goes missing for six years while working on a case, leaving her 3 year old son Flynn and loving husband Nick behind. Emily is presumed dead, the victim of a serial killer. She appears 6 years later with no recollection of what has happened and finds herself being treated as a victim and then as the main suspect in a new series of murders. So much has happened in the lost six years; Nick has remarried to Alice and Flynn doesn’t recognize his mother. Her colleagues and family have mourned her loss and some find it difficult to reconcile the new Emily with the old. Events and evidence send Emily on the run to prove her innocence.

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1×06 “Nobody’s Innocent” Episode Synopsis & Stills

Emily avoids arrest and finds another trace of investigation. But with the disturbing new evidence, Emily begins to suspect one of her loved ones. Unfortunately, he is the only person who can help Emily figure out the case. Could it be just a little paranoia from Emily, or does she not have anyone to turn

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1×06 “Nobody’s Innocent” Promo & Sneak Peek


Absentia 1×05 “Dig” Episode Synopsis, Stills & Sneak Peek

When Detective Gibbs and Nick find an FBI agent who appears to have been murdered by Emily, the hunt for her goes up to a new level. With the help of a clue given to her by Adam Radford, Emily tries to tie all the threads while evading arrest. Nick tries to reconcile with Alice’s

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Press Update: ‘Absentia’ Articles & Stana Katic Interviews

• Absentia: A Shocking First Episode     • Stana Katic Spent 3 Months in Bulgaria Filming Absentia     • Stana Katic’s character in Absentia is a Mother and Relentless Fighter     • Strong Emotions and Shocking Scenes in the First Episode of Absentia     • Women Take Over Television – Talking

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Photoshoot by Nino Munoz

Check out these incredible photos of Stana and Patrick in our gallery! Home > Photoshoots > 001 – Nino Munoz              

1×04 “Me You Him Me” Episode Synopsis & Stills

The evidence against Emily is too much for the FBI and Boston Police Department to ignore, so they ask her to turn herself in. In the midst of chaos, old feelings come to the surface between Nick and Emily. Emily decides she would rather flee and try to solve the mystery that is ruining her

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1×04 “Me You Him Me” Promo & Sneak Peek


Patrick Heusinger Interview With THR Russia

Patrick Husinger: “The main theme in ‘Absentia’ is love and trust” Absentia premieres October 2nd on Sony Sci-Fi at 10:25pm. The main role is played by the star of “Castle” Stana Katic. The heroine is FBI agent Emily Byrne, who was investigating the case of one of the most famous serial killers of Boston. Emily disappears without a trace, and six years

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