Stana Katic Series Regular Emily Byrne FBI Agent, missing for 6 years
Patrick Heusinger Series Regular Nick Durand Husband to Emily
Neil Jackson Series Regular Jack Byrne Emily’s brother, former surgeon
Cara Theobold Series Regular Alice Durand Nick’s new wife
Patrick McAuley Series Regular Flynn Durand Emily’s son, no memory of his mother
Angel Bonanni Series Regular Tommy Gibbs Detective in charge of Emily’s case
Ralph Ineson Series Regular Adam Radford Emily’s former partner
Christopher Colquhoun Recurring Agent Brown No info yet
Bruno Bichir Recurring Daniel Vega FBI Psychologist
Amber Aga Recurring Ericsson No info yet
Ricky Champ Recurring Charles Aniano Patient in a mental institution
Dan Cade Recurring Jenkins American reporter
Borislava Stratieva Recurring Violet No info yet
Paul Courtenay Hyu Guest Star Erik Shen No info yet
Nathan Cooper Guest Star John Kurian No info yet
Samantha Coughlan Guest Star Maura No info yet
Ruby Bentall Guest Star Lolly No info yet
Logan Wong Guest Star Lee No info yet
David Coburn Guest Star Jon Cooper No info yet
Mitchell Mullen Guest Star Gregory Nash No info yet
Kok-Hwa Lie Guest Star Dr. Shen No info yet
Chipo Chung Guest Star Unknown No info yet
Alexandra Weaver Guest Star Unknown No info yet
Lydia Leonard Guest Star Unknown No info yet
Sasha Waddell Guest Star Unknown No info yet
Tanya Moodie Guest Star Lieutenant Stanton No info yet
Richard Brake Guest Star Conrad Harlow Emily was investigating before disappearance
Ilina Alexandrova Guest Star Unknown No info yet
Paul Freeman Guest Star Warren Byrne No info yet